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Workers Compensation, or more commonly referred to as "Workers Comp", is insurance an employer provides for any worker that is hurt on the job. Essentially every business in Louisiana is required by law to provide Workers Compensation Insurance. Generally, Workers Comp covers any and all injuries that occur on the job regardless of fault, although some exceptions apply. However, to receive any type of Workers’ Compensation benefits (medical or indemnity), notice of the injury first needs to be reported to the employer.

Our attorneys at Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC may be able to help you with your Workers Comp claim for payment of your medical bills and indemnity payments.



Marriage / Civil Unions



Property Settlements


Parental Responsibilities

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The term "successions" refers to the body of law concerning the distribution of a person's property after he has died. Depending on the value of the property involved, the type of property involved, the debts of the deceased, and many other factors, the process may be very simple or it may be very complicated.

Generally speaking, the attorney handling the succession will need to know several key facts regarding the deceased, property of the deceased and the heirs of the decedent.



Collecting a debt is an onerous process. The attorneys at Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC may be able to assist you in locating a debtor, negotiating a settlement with the debtor, obtaining a judgment or collecting on a judgment (e.g. garnishing debtor's wages or bank accounts).

If you or your financial institution or business has had bad debt on its books, or have a debt that you need assistance in collecting, our attorneys are willing to assist you in attempting to collect debts owed to you or your business.

frequently asked question


You may be entitled to a number of different types of damages under Louisiana law. Some of the more common types of damages in accident cases are: reasonable medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and permanent impairment.


In most Louisiana injury cases, the only deadline that applies is a one-year statute of limitations. This means that you must bring suit no later than one years from the date of the accident or you would be prevented from filing suit. If your claim is not settled by the one-year anniversary of the accident, then a lawsuit MUST be filed prior to the anniversary date in order to protect your rights. However, some cases have much shorter deadlines, which is why you should contact Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC immediately after being injured.


The simple answer to this question is, yes. Louisiana subscribes to what is called a pure comparative negligence system in dealing with tort claims. This means that if you were partially at fault for an accident, you are still entitled to recover the damages that are attributed to the negligence of others. Determining how much fault will be attributed to each party is very difficult and will be left up to the jury if your case goes to trial.


You may be wondering, “will my case go to trial?” In order to answer that properly, it’s important to understand how your personal injury claim operates. When you’re involved in a motor vehicle collision, the first thing that we’ll do is send a demand to the insurance company to compensate you for your injury. Often times, insurance companies are fighting tooth and nail to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim. It’s at that point the majority of the time, we end up filing a lawsuit in the courthouse. Filing a lawsuit, or a complaint on your behalf enters us into a phase called litigation. Once we enter into litigation, we’re not just dealing with an insurance company and an adjuster, we’re also dealing with a defense attorney and the process becomes more adversarial. Chances are your case will be resolved at what’s called a mediation. A mediation is when we sit down with you and the defense, and a third party mediator. A mediator is a person that’s neutral and has no interest in the outcome of your case. It’s at this time that most cases are resolved without having to go to trial.

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