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THE GENERAL CIVIL Practice of Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC, brings an equal measure of diligence, tenacity and care to every case it handles. With a focus primarily on Personal Injury, Collections, Social Security Hearings, Family Law and Estate Planning, the attorneys each have extensive experience in their chosen field of practice and put that expertise to work for each of their clients. At Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC, We Have Your Back.

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Consider the lawyers at Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC, when selecting your personal injury attorney. It is important to understand that, just as every lawyer is an individual, not every case is the same. We start by talking to you to understand your story and determine the facts of your particular case. We then ascertain the extent of your injuries and which parties may be at fault. Over the years, the attorneys at Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC have represented numerous people throughout the State of Louisiana, in a variety of personal injury actions resulting from the fault of others.

In Louisiana, there are varying elements of provable fault necessary in order to be successful in a claim for personal injuries against an at fault party. Your attorney at Wolfe, Begoun & Pick, LLC, will determine if the accident and resultant injuries, give rise to an action upon which you may recover monetarily. Consulting one of our experienced personal injury attorneys will provide you with the information necessary for you to choose whether or not to pursue a claim against any at fault party.

If you have been injured and believe that your injury is due to the fault of another, contact our office for a Free Consultation.